Saturday, November 22, 2014

General DOS Information

General DOS Information
The file names can be primary name (the first part) can be from one to eight characters long. The eight characters selected should be as descriptive as possible. The secondary name (the second part), also called the extension, starts with a dot(.) (period) and can be one to three characters. this type of a file name generally tell you the type of file it is for example:

.TXT     for text files, like README.TXT
.DOC   for documents, like ORG.DOC
.EXE   for executable files, WE.EXE
.COM for command files, COMMAND.COM
.BAT  for batch files, and so on.

File names can contains letters, numbers and special characters they can start with either an alphabetic letter(A to Z) or number (0 to 9). But they can cannot contain spaces.

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