Monday, November 17, 2014

Define - Cassette/cartridge - CD ROM

Define - Cassette/cartridge - CD ROM
            The cassette is magnetic black tap. It was storage with audio files. The cassette is used to play a song as double side in the roll. It means, straight and revisable position to playing song in with the Tape recorder. This cassette is storage with maximum 30 or 45 minutes playing song per side. Totally played One or One and half hour to play in the cassette.

2. CD ROM:
           Compact Disc Read Only Memory. A device which stores very large amount of information, to the extent of 650 mega byte(MB). The disc is read by laser at fast speed. Commodity available CDs which store encyclopedias and programs which may otherwise requires hundreds of floppies. The CDs are mostly read only but writable CDs only which require writeable CD-ROM drives to write.

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